Allergens – Most Common Reason For Recalls

  • Allergens – Most Common Reason For Recalls

    Undeclared allergens are the number one reasons for recalls. The major 8 allergens in the US are wheat, egg, soy, milk, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish.  Some allergens are not completely obvious to the general public and will need to be explicitly called out.  For example, ‘hydrolyzed whey protein’ is MILK, ‘gluten’ may indicate the presence of WHEAT, soy and wheat are often sub-ingredients of other ingredients.  Anchovies are a fish that is common in a worceshire sauce.  Also, it is required to call out the specific type of tree nut, fish, or shellfish as individuals can be allergic to one type and not another.  I always recommend to clients to list an allergen on the packaging if there is any chance it may be in the product.





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