Best Timing for Nutrition Analysis

  • Best Timing for Nutrition Analysis

    During the research and development phases of recipe formulation, manufacturers frequently contact us and ask “at what point should I have my initial nutrition analysis performed?”


    The answer completely depends on your goals as a manufacturer. As grocery store shelves become more competitive, it is important for manufacturers to understand their target market and develop a clear message. At Food Label Pro, we can help your product stand out on store shelves.


    We suggest our Product Development Package which includes two preliminary nutrition analysis reports. When you select this service, you are bringing Food Label Pro’s team of experts on board to your project. You will have the guidance of nutrition experts that helps create a clearer voice and message.


    We help tweak your recipe and make adjustments in order to qualify for specific health claims and marketing claims. We can even help you meet the requirements for the National School Lunch Program. If your product recipe needs adjustments to qualify, we can help with the edits to improve the nutritional profile. After all, your goal is to sell more products, right? Contact us today for more information.

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