Got the Facts?

  • Got the Facts?

    People want nutrition facts, all the facts, and nothing but the facts. At Food Label Pro, nutrition analysis is our business. Patrons today are more educated and conscious of the foods they eat compared to previous generations. From food allergies, to healthy children’s menus, to vegetarians, to calorie conscious, restaurants have new challenges to satisfy food and health cravings. To put it bluntly, customers know what they want and they want you to have it. These expectations become frustrations for restaurant owners and chefs.

    We can help put you at ease with our restaurant services.
    We Offer:
    • Full nutrition analysis of recipes and sub-recipes
    • A ready-to-use spreadsheet summarizing all nutrition information
    • Complete ingredient statements and allergen declarations
    • Recipe cards containing the nutrition information of each recipe analyzed
    • Analysis of your menu for potential health claims and nutrient content claims
    • Healthful children’s menus
    • Menu guidance and healthy recipe adjustments
    • Personal review all information and answer questions with your staff
    • Customer support regarding questions on food, nutrition, allergens, etc.

    By hiring Food Label Pro, you’ll have an edge up on your competition. We are experts in food and nutrition. Your customers will be impressed to have dietitians answering their nutrition questions. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We are prompt, thorough, and polite.

    To learn more or request a free proposal, either request a quote or call us at 312.620.0116.

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