Product Attribute Claims

  • Product Attribute Claims

    Your product sits quietly on a store shelf. As customers stroll by, you hope they see your item, pick it up, and put it in their cart. Anyone who’s been in a supermarket knows there are an overwhelming number of choices and retailers sell shelf space like prime real estate. So, how do you help your product “speak up” among so much competition? As the manufacturer, you aren’t there to tell customers why your item is so great. The stuff inside the box might be incredible, but consumers will never know unless they actually select your item.

    This is where health claims and product attribute claims come in. Yes, you can have fancy artwork and lots of fun graphics but the information on the package helps your target audience navigate and select your products.

    Some common product claims include: no added sugar, low fat, excellent source of fiber, vegan, gluten free, organic, low calorie, etc.

    If you haven’t had a nutrition analysis, you are not able to make these claims accurately. We can help identify and create a meaningful message. Contact us to see how we can help.

    examples of different health claims.

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