Recipe to Retail and the Analysis In Between

  • Recipe to Retail and the Analysis In Between

    The most common question we receive at Food Label Pro is:

    “There are free nutrition analysis programs online. Why should we choose to have our products analyzed by Food Label Pro?”

    Here is our response:

    1.) Nutrition analysis is much more than entering numbers into a program. Choosing a consultant from Food Label Pro gives you assurance that a food and nutrition expert is carefully examining your product. There are many food science principles that play out when a recipe is prepared. Factors like, moisture loss, fat absorption, yield percentages, and accurate measurements are not automatically accounted for with computer programs.

    2.) Free online programs are often outdated, incomplete, and inaccurate. One of our most important tools IS a state of the art computer database. It functions as an incredible tool; however, it ultimately takes human analytic skills to generate an accurate nutrition analyses.

    3.) FDA compliance is serious business. The cost of hiring a professional consultant is much less expensive that issuing a mandatory recall because your product has not met federal regulations for retail food products.

    Even if you’re unsure, fill out a request for a quote. It’s free and it’s good practice to gather as much information as possible.

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