Update on Cultured and Plant Based Meat – February 2019

  • Update on Cultured and Plant Based Meat – February 2019

    Ginkgo Bioworks, a biotech company that designs microbes to make various products, recently announced its new spinoff company,Motif Ingredients. And to start, Motif Ingredients announced that they raised a massive $90 million in Series A round of funding. This is the largest Series A round ever for a food-tech startup.

    Motif Ingredients plans to use Ginkgo Bioworks’ microbe platform to produce animal proteins to complement the flavor and texture of plant-based products. Motif Ingredients may even use their animal proteins to enhance the taste of cell ag products. This means that Motif Ingredients’ proteins may compete with a range of cell ag companies, from animal-free dairy proteins to cell-based meats. All without requiring animals.

    Written by Robin Spiess, this article takes a look at the first cell ag company in Singapore, Shiok Meats, and how they are working to produce sustainable seafood. Shiok Meats recently shared that they will also be attending the Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit where they will be showcasing, for the first time ever, their cell-grown shrimp dumpling.
    Fast Company: Beyond Meat – Most Innovative Companies 2019

    Beyond Meat, the company behind the plant-based Beyond Burger, was named as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 in the category of food for their sustainable burger. Having tried the burger myself, it’s easy to see why their plant-based meat alternatives are popular!
    The Conversation: Cultured meat seems gross? It’s much better than animal agriculture

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